If any digital platform we can imagine can be built, then let's ask:


What is the ultimate digital platform we can imagine to support individuals, communities and the species when it comes to the things that matter most: nutrition, health, education, housing, energy and ecology? 


And how can we make it happen? 

We are building a community to answer these questions, with this site along with these overviews of what the platform might do and how it could work being used to stimulate discussion. Join the community here

Stage One will end with a community imagined scope for version 1.0 of the platform.

Once a community gets going, it starts generating absolutely mind-blowing ideas of its own. Directions you would never even have considered, never even imagined. This happens so regularly that you can almost count on it. I think this is the reason DIY communities are such powerful tools for tackling bold challenges. You can go big because you don’t need to know how to pull something off ahead of time. The community shapes the path and accelerates the progression. It’s a shocking amount of leverage.Gina Bianchini, community network specialist.


Stage Two involves on-boarding the people needed to make Stage Three (defining problems) take off. So we'll need to reach, inspire and convince. 

To do this we would engage the Stage One community: to create inspiring video content that captures the vision (videos such as this come to mind); to create mock-ups that show off the imagined platform and the ways it could change people's lives; to develop strategy; to pull together supporting materials and to answer questions. And we would leverage the community's resourcefulness and networks to reach relevant individuals, media and organisations.  


Use the wisdom of our growing crowd to break the imagined platform into specific problems to solve.


The crowd should include super credible partners. For example, defining health problems should include:


Leverage the super credibility and networks of the communities built around defining problems to help drive:

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With platform development gaining momentum, the challenge becomes capturing the world's attention.


The aim being to create a critical mass of people, all driven by a desire to contribute to a species wide effort to best support our collective existence. Thereby unleashing the most positive collaborative force in our history. 

We'll crowdsource ideas for how to capture the world's attention. A couple we've considered ourselves are:

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